Buying Musical Instruments Online

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Buying Musical Instruments Online - The Pros and Cons

With the advent of the internet, many online businesses have sprung up and they offer almost every product imaginable.

This has led to comfortable shopping right from the comfort of the home. This has affected many markets and that of musical instruments is not an exception.

The biggest advantage of shopping for musical instruments online is the fact that you will save yourself a few bucks. You may click here to know more about that.

There are as many different online stores as there are musical instruments and these offer different discount deals on new and used musical instruments.

Another advantage is the fact that you get to shop without pressure. The sense of urgency instilled by store keepers is absent here.

Also, you get to do comparison shopping all you want.

A problem however, is the fact that you will not not get to have physical contact with the product you are paying for until you get to hold it. The problems with this are just much too obvious.

You have to make your purchase a high amount of trust in a seller you have never met.

While purchasing musical instruments from an online store, you run the risk of having the instruments arrive late or when they do, they might be so different from what was advertised.

Whatever it is with buying musical instruments online, I believe we can all come to the conclusion that everything comes with a modicum of risk.

Whatever the attendants risks of buying online are, one thing that cannot be argued is the fact that you cannot get the same products for the same prices in traditional stores.

There are certain rules to the purchasing of musical instruments on online stores.

Purchasing certain musical instruments like guitars, microphones and keyboards is an expensive affair if you reside outside the United States. Local music stores often hike up their prices and thus, you eventually buy the same item for thrice the amount you would have paid in the United States.

The John Mayer Stratocaster goes for $999 in the United States but in New Zealand, coupled with the fees for shipment, rent, taxes, inflation and markup, it rose to almost $3,000 .

Because of this, a lot of musicians prefer to buy their equipment from American stores that will then ship them internationally.

Even though most of these companies claim their products are non-international, all it takes is a phone call to get the required item on the next ship.

A lot of these retail outlets offer the following services: USPS, FEDEX and DHL.

Even though DHL and FEDEX cost more, your purchased equipment is usually safer with them than with USPS even though this offers cheaper rates.

The security of goods with USPS is not guaranteed and goods arriving at port with damages is not a strange occurrence. Sometimes, the goods get lost altogether.

To be on the safer side, run the site you are buying from through a Google search and you will discover shippers that will offer to deliver the same product to an international location for a fraction of the price offered by local establishments.

When ordering your instruments, do not forget to put the following factors under consideration: currency conversion rates and 110Volt/240Volt adapter differences.

It is not a new occurrence for new equipment to be plugged in and then subsequently blow up

Because a minor but important factor like 110VOLT/240VOLT adapter differences was overlooked.

Other factors to be put under consideration when shopping online are:

Power Supplies

Does the purchased equipment match the local voltage?


What type of support will the equipment be exposed to in your country?

Currency Conversion

It is advisable for you to check the bank rates before purchasing anything online

PayPal Protection

When buying your musical equipment online, you should always shop with your PayPal so you will have some form of protection if problems occur along the line.

Import Taxes And Duties

In the world right now, the only country that will not include additional taxes when sending equipment from overseas is Hong Kong. In other countries like Australia, there is a threshold where any product valued under a thousand dollars will not be hit with import tax and duty.


Oftentimes, the question is asked as to why the prices of products listed by American ventures are generally lower than that of other countries; the UK, New Zealand and Australia included.

The answers to this question are numerous.

Over the past thirty to forty years, there has been a constant struggle between the retailers of the American Musical Instrument industry and the industry itself.

The two institutions have been trying to have the edge on the other over price and as the years grew on, the tussles over price got the price of equipment beaten very low.

All these was done while the competitive market was still just getting birthed in other countries.

When retailers in other countries are asked about the absurdly high prices of their products, they claim that this is because they provide consumer warranties.

They claim that they add other incentives such as the fact that a Fender John Mayer guitar put up for sale there might cost over half a thousand dollar more because there is a local warranty and the product will be repaired if it is required.

This is true and sometimes, it is better to buy your musical equipment; guitar, piano, microphone, drums or piece of DJ equipment with an extra bit of cash tucked in, knowing that you are covered in the event of any complication.

Finally, I will leave you with the following snippets.

If the piece of equipment you are buying is lower than $1,500, I will advice you to buy from local stores.

However, if it will cost more than this, you can buy from an American store online and watch out for important information like the attached voltage.

If it is incompatible, you can request for a new one.